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品牌型號 : JBL Control 23-1    


承受功率:50W/8Ω 15W/100V

    Ultra-Compact Indoor/Outdoor Background/Foreground Speaker
    The Control® 23-1 is a two-way 3” speaker with rich sonic character, wide coverage, consistent dispersion, versatile mounting, and a contemporary high-design look that fits into a wide range of decors. This makes Control 23-1 an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications, including retail stores, restaurants, health clubs, theme parks, educational facilities, hospitality, music cafes, leisure venues, and anywhere where a top quality compact indoor/outdoor foreground/background music (and/or paging) speaker is required.
    • Components:
      • 3” woofer with woven fiberglass cone
      • 1/2” PEI diaphragm tweeter with fluid cooling
    • Contemporary, high-design appearance
    • Built-in InvisiBall® mounting hardware*, plus available U-bracket
    • Weather resistant enclosure and transducers
    • Wide 100° x 100° coverage
    • 50 Watt power handling (100 Watt program) in direct 8Ω setting, plus built-in 15 Watt 70V/100V multi-tap transformer.
    • High fidelity sound character with broad frequency response of 70 Hz – 20 kHz.